Owners Nan Alexander Dowiak and Mark Dowiak.

Owners Nan Alexander Dowiak and Mark Dowiak.

About Dragonfly Castle Toys

Dragonfly Castle is a small, family-owned business that sells high-quality toys without screens, wires, or batteries. We believe that children deserve toys that stimulate their minds and promote healthy development. If we wouldn’t let our own children play with a toy, we won’t sell it.

Dragonfly Castle seeks out the very best of the best. If you see it offered in our store you need not wonder about quality and safety. We sell toys from toymakers who have adopted sustainable, worker-friendly practices.

We also believe that adults have a playful side that deserves nurturing so there are a few items offered in the store that are great gifts for grownups.

Dragonfly Castle is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A brick and mortar store in the Lawrenceville neighborhood is set to open in the spring.

About Nan & Mark

Nan’s career in the toy business began with a stand selling toys at folk festivals from California to Massachusetts. Her kids helped, of course. The current brick and mortar store was born when she met Mark and moved to Pittsburgh. The name, Dragonfly Castle, was dreamed up by her daughter, who still watches over the business from afar. In 2018 Mark officially joined the business. Dragonfly Castle is now an actual “Mom and Pop” toy store.

Nan and Mark see being small as an asset: they believe that quality and integrity are more important than sales volume and keeping up with fads. They hope that each toy sold will last for a long time and encourage children to explore. They also believe in the importance of Main Street business as a way to build community.