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Cute Cactus Friends by tokidoki, Plush Clips-ons, Series 1 Blind Bag, Ages 5 - Adult

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tokidoki Cactus Friends collectable plush Clip-Ons are available in four assorted characters. Featured characters in this blind box selection are Carina (white), Salamino (yellow), Tortellino (red), and Timidina (pink). When you open the Blind Box package you discover which character is yours.

Plush clip-on stands at 3 inches tall.  Each blind bag contains one of four adorable cactus friends. Clip-ons allow you to place your characters on your favorite bags and accessories!

Note about “Blind Box” Toys-- being surprised is part of the fun! No one knows which of the four characters is in a package until it’s opened.

The Story: “The cactus is a sign of protection. Kids are naive and vulnerable and need protection. Sandy and her friends zip themselves into cactus suits because they think the world is a cold and scary place, and they need some armor to face it. The cactus is the conserver of water, and water means life. The cactus friends are the representation of life, of being fragile and strong at the same time,...and pure, like water.”

Ages 5 - Adult, 3 inches.