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Kids' Big Book of Games, by Games Magazine, Ages 6 - 12

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Big Book of Games is a compendium stuffed with fun. Better for kids than television, these games possess a full share of educational virtues. They stretch the memory, improve language skills, exercise logic, and sharpen visual acumen-without being homework!

The games magazine junior kids' big book of games spills over with eyeball benders, scrambled comics, riddle searches, logic defiers, memory tests, connect-the-dots, out-of-orders, mazes, crisscrosses, rebuses, and more.

Ingeniously conceived and delightfully illustrated, the games magazine junior kids' big book of games promises entertainment for a year of rainy days or interminable drives in the car. And it proves, finally, that kids can never be too smart for their own good.

176 pages, Ages 6-12.