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Tachikawa “School G” Cartridge Drawing Pen for Manga, Calligraphy With 1 Ink Cartridge

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A world-famous tool among anime and manga artists, the Tachikawa fountain pen combines the drawing capabilities of a professional manga dip nib with the convenience of a refillable fountain pen. Its pigmented ink is water resistant once fully dry and lightfast. “G” refers to the shape of the nib. Made in Japan to strict standards. More ink cartridges are available.

Note: This pen is intended for frequent use and can dry up if left unused for 1–2 weeks. If the pen does dry up, soak the tip in water to revive it. If the pen is left dried up for more than three weeks, it can become permanently damaged. When installing the ink cartridge, keep the nib of the pen facing downward.

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